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Foot Therapy

A good foot therapy helps you sleep more and reduce the symptoms of insomnia. This treatment starts with a nail shaping, foot soak, foot exfoliation and cuticle work.

Thai Traditional Foot Therapy

The Thai Foot Reflexology, also known as the Thai Foot Massage, has its roots in the Thai wats (temples), Where it was practiced by Buddhist monks in the ancient times. It has been deeply influenced by the reflexology systems practiced for over 1,000 years. Our qualire that the balm gives the desired effect, by using soothing two-handed palm and circular massage movements; thumb pressures; and stretches


Thai Traditional Foot Therapy with “Hot Stone”

Basalt bot stones release muscle tension, stimulating blood circulation especially in feet & legs, releasing aches and tiredness, rejuvenating nerves. Aromatic oils add to the sense of deep relaxation.


Thai Traditional Foot Therapy with “Herb Bun”

This special massage involves a steam heated herbal bun compress combining a blend of 23 aromatic herbs. These traditional Thai foot therapies allow soothing of the 10 ‘sen’ (or the energy lines) that pass through the feet. Massage with hot press used to reduce symptoms muscle pain, back pain by contracting muscles. Helps blood flow better, Relieve symptoms Ehnebcha.


Thai Traditional Foot Therapy with “Scrub” |

Tired feet and legs relief with our Reviving Foot Scrub Elevation. Warm towels are applied at therapeutic scrub provides maximum hydration and exfoliation to the feet.


Signature Foot Therapy

Foot therapy with Head, Back and Shoulder massage performed by two therapists.

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